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I strive for elegant and engaging solutions to design challenges. My years of experience in design allow me to incorporate strong design skills with technical knowledge to create a memorable experience for your end users.

I endeavor to create sites with an enjoyable user experience. Ones that are search engine friendly and as appealing on a mobile device as they are on the big screen.

I have a demonstrated history of working in fast-paced growing companies spanning fields of eCommerce, Distribution, Service and Retail.

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  • Translating Your Vision & Values to Your Customers through Design.
  • Front-end Web Developer
  • Logo & Brand Identity
  • Advertisement
  • Catalog & Book Production

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Client had nice logo and main color scheme, but no other coordinating materials.

The design needed to adapt to several different formats and be able to utilize a professional impression that would work with both her corporate clients, as well as, her individual student clients.


I started with the colors from the logo, adding two variants on the teal and spicing it up with an accent of gold. I created the wave header with photo image to use on printed documents and the newsletter header. Adding the wave and picture gave the pieces a more relaxed, flowing and approachable feel.

Once the color scheme and fonts were selected, base formats were created and expanded upon for a consistent look and general zen feel.

Zoe Tyson


Website design, development and production for upcoming young actor incorporating adaptive design for desktop, tablet and mobile sites.


I kept the design simple and clean, allowing the images and the actor to be the main focus.